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Changes in Reservation Details - Cancellations/Amendments

2. I need to amend or cancel my booking, what do I do?

If you want to change any details of your booking, you must contact us. Please select the appropriate subject heading and provide all of the required information, particularly your Booking Number and the email address used to make the booking.

We will do our best to assist you, but cannot guarantee that changes can be made.

Please note that:

  • bookings at certain hotels, or in certain time periods, or for certain room types cannot be cancelled or changed; and

  • some hotels may permit cancellations or changes but this may involve that hotel imposing a charge

Information regarding cancellation and amendment policies can be found in the Offer Details and Conditions for each hotel and deal and are available for you to view prior to making a booking.

3. Do you charge any fees for cancelling or amending my booking?

We apply an administration charge to all booking changes and permitted cancellations - this is in addition to any cancellation charges imposed by the hotel.

For further details regarding the administration charges imposed please refer to our Customer Terms and Conditions.

If you fail to cancel a booking and do not check-in in accordance with the booking made, you will be charged for up to the full amount of the booking made. For deposit bookings the deposit is non-refundable.

4. How can I refund a cancellation?

We will refund the proceeds of your booking directly to the credit card used to make the booking, less any administration charges imposed according to the Offer Details and Conditions and our Customer Terms and Conditions.

5. When will I get the funds from cancellation?

This will depend on your credit card provider. Our experience with refunds indicates that the process can take anywhere between 7 and 21 days.

6. Are there any other details I should know about cancelling or amending my booking?

At times a hotel may stipulate different amendment or cancellation policies not covered here. In such circumstances, the hotel policy will supersede the generalised policy stated herein. If the hotel policy prevails over our own booking policy, our Client Service team will inform you about any administration charges.

7. How do I know what the cancellation policy is?

The cancellation policy is set by our hotel suppliers and therefore differs from hotel to hotel as well as by deal and sometimes even by date. Please refer to the Offer Details and Conditions as shown on the Booking Form. After your booking is confirmed you can also find this information in your Booking Confirmation Email.