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Understanding Our Offers - General Information

1. Why do you only sell accommodation for the next month?

We get the best available room rates from our hotel suppliers by selling their rooms still available within a 28-day time period. As a date gets closer, hotels can often drop their room rates, to avoid them going unsold. enables hotels to dynamically update their rates directly on the website, in real time. In this way, we can share the cheapest deals with our customers.

If you wish to book outside the 28 days you can access another website in our group of sites, which is linked to. Asia Web Direct offers rooms available for the next 18 months.

2. What is the full rate?

Most hotels have a full room rate for their rooms. This is the published room rate that they charge for a room, but it is discounted when demand is low. During high demand periods (such as Christmas or New Year's Eve) you may find that room rates are at a premium. However our unique proposition is that we offer the best available room rates as our hotel partners want to ensure they sell as many of their rooms as they can at any time.

3. What is a Twin Room, Double Room, King Room, Triple Room, Single Room or extra bed?

The Twin Room, Double Room, King Room, Triple Room and Single Room denote the different bedding configurations available for each room in a hotel or resort.

A Twin Room normally consists of two single beds, however some five-star hotels may offer two queen-sized beds.

A Double Room consists of one double bed for two people. The hotel will offer this configuration subject to availability only and it may be a queen or king-sized bed. Some luxury hotels or villas might offer Double Rooms only, instead of Twin Rooms.

A King Room consists of one king-sized bed for two people.

A Triple Room is a Twin Room or Double Room with an extra single bed.

A Single Room is a Twin Room or Double Room in the same configuration as described above, except that the room rate offered is for one guest per room only.

The extra bed is usually a portable roll-away bed for one extra guest who may stay in a room meant to hold a smaller number of people. An extra bed is always provided at an additional cost for the extra person joining the room. Extra-bed rates normally include breakfast for the additional person if the basic room rate also offers it. Depending on room size and layout, some hotels do not allow any extra beds in the room.

4. Are your rates per room or per person? rates are per room, per night for the number of people included in the room rate, unless stated otherwise in the Offer Details and Conditions.

5. Does the room rate displayed include all taxes?

Yes, the price you see is the price you pay. All the rates on our site are inclusive of all taxes and service charges. This will be the price you see at checkout.

6. Is breakfast included in the room rate?

Each hotel has a different policy on breakfast inclusion. Remember to check the Offer Details and Conditions to see what the room rate includes.

7. What type of breakfast is included?

If breakfast is included in the room rate, most hotels generally offer buffet breakfast, American Breakfast (ABF) or Continental Breakfast (CBF). However, this varies depending on the hotel and destination so check the Offer Details and Conditions when you book.

If breakfast is not included in the room rate you will have to pay this directly to the hotel if you choose to eat breakfast there.

8. Are other meals included in the room rate?

Meals other than breakfast are not normally included, and it would be at an additional cost to be paid directly to the hotel.

During special events such as New Year's Eve the hotel may charge an additional amount for gala dinners. Please make sure you check the Offer Details and Conditions for more information.

9. There are no room rates available for the dates I would like to book. What should I do?

Please contact us for the room rate information.

Our Customer Service Centre will be happy to find a room rate for the period that you want.

Please make sure you state the hotel name, your desired check-in and check-out dates, room type, and the number of people requiring accommodation together with the number of accompanying children plus their ages, if any.

10. Can I make a booking for someone else?

Yes. You can make a booking for other people; just provide the name of the person who will stay at the hotel instead of your own when specifying the "Guest Name". Please make sure that the contact details you provide are reachable. We will send you a Booking Confirmation Email containing a Booking Voucher as proof of purchase, which will be required at check-in.

If the credit card holder is not one of the people staying at the hotel, the cardholder will need to sign our Credit Card Authorisation Form that will be sent to your email address as soon as your booking is made.